CCVT flyer 2Canadian Centre for Victims of Torture has been working with survivors of torture and their loved ones for the past 25 years in Toronto. They have also been advocating for health supports for such survivors, and also promoting public awareness and education about this reality which affects far too many people today. Most survivors of torture arrive as refugees from war zones, and authoritarian countries where torture by law enforcement is institutionalized. CCVT offers confidential individual and group counselling, as well as sensitive support in other areas of resettlement and adaptation, including ESL and other types of skills training.

On Thursday, February 21 from 6:00-8:00 PM, CCVT will make a community presentation at Daniels Centre of Learning, providing an overview of the contexts and dynamics of torture occurring today, as well as the personal effects (and lasting after-effects) upon victims. CCVT will also answer questions, discuss the types of supports they offer, and offer confidential referrals to those who need them.