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Annual Report 2018–19

Annual Report 2017–18

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Annual Progress Report 2011–12

Through our various programs and initiatives, we generate a lot of content. Our history as an organization is to share as much as possible. In the eighties, there was a lack of materials geared towards low-literacy adults so we created East End Press to meet that need. Our learners wrote their stories, using the language they were comfortable with, and the results were very powerful and used all around the world.

We continue this tradition with the Immigrant Women Integration Program’s (IWIP) Community Needs and Assessment reports, the Academic Skills Upgrading’s Celebrating Success booklet and our Yearbooks.

Community Resources and Needs Assessment (CRNA) Reports

Community Resource and Needs Assessment Reports are produced annually by trainees in our Immigrant Women Integration Program (IWIP). Please click on the links below to find reports from their respective training years.

2018–2019 Final Report

Sustainable Living Presentation

2014–2015 Reports

St. James Town
Hillcrest Village
Regent Park
Crescent Town
Willowdale East

2013–2014 Reports

St. Jamestown
Newtonbrook West

2012–2013 Reports

Eglinton East – Kennedy Park
Moss Park – (Fatma)
Moss Park – (Sara)
Regent Park – (Ishrat)
Regent Park – (Shahanara)
Regent Park – (Sherry)
South Riverdale & St James Town

2011–2012 Reports

St James Town
Regent Park – (Murshida)
Regent Park – (Fahmida)
Regent Park – (Claire)
Lawrence Heights
Eglinton East – Kennedy Park
Crescent Town

2010–2011 Reports

Eglinton East-Kennedy Park
Flemingdon Park
Jane and Finch
Kensington Chinatown
Kingston-Galloway/Orton Park
Moss Park
Regent Park (Masoumeh)
Regent Park (Uttara)
St. James Town
York University Heights

2009–2010 Reports

Crescent Town
Dorset Park
Eglinton East/Kennedy
Flemingdon Park/Victoria Village
Jane and Finch
Lawrence Heights
Regent Park
Scarborough Village
St. James Town
Thorncliffe Park

Raw Data

Raw Data: Crescent Town
Raw Data: Dorset Park
Raw Data: Eglinton East/Kennedy
Raw Data: Flemington Park/Victoria Village
Raw Data: Jane and Finch
Raw Data: Lawrence Heights
Raw Data: Parkdale
Raw Data: Regent Park
Raw Data: Scarborough Village
Raw Data: St. James Town
Raw Data: Thorncliffe Park

*These reports are developed as part of a training exercise and therefore do not always contain a statistically significant sample size.


Every year, we produce a yearbook highlighting the work and words of the program participants in Academic Skills Upgrading, Immigrant Women Integration Program, and Youth Empowering Parents.

Yearbook 2015

Yearbook 2014

Yearbook 2013

Yearbook 2011

Yearbook 2008

Yearbook 2005

Yearbook 2004

Yearbook 2002

Celebrating Success

At the end of the spring term, we celebrate success with a collection of work from the learners in the Academic Skills Upgrading program. This booklet is usually based upon the theme for the Metro Toronto for Literacy Movement’s (MTML) annual Learners Conference.

Celebrating Success 2016

Celebrating Success 2015

Celebrating Success 2014