The Centre of Learning & Development, formerly known as East End Literacy, has a history of publishing work created by the participants in our programs. Please enjoy these works.

Every year, we produce a yearbook highlighting the work and words of the program participants in Academic Skills Upgrading, Immigrant Women Integration Program, and Youth Empowering Parents.

Yearbook 2002

Yearbook 2004

Yearbook 2005

Yearbook 2008

Yearbook 2011

Yearbook 2013

Yearbook 2014

Yearbook 2015

At the end of the spring term, we celebrate success with a collection of work from the learners in the Academic Skills Upgrading program. This booklet is usually based upon the theme for the Metro Toronto for Literacy Movement’s (MTML) annual Learners Conference.

Celebrating Success 2014

Celebrating Success 2015

Celebrating Success 2016