Digital Storytelling Toronto (dsto) is an innovative learning initiative that supports CL&D’s goal of community development and empowering individuals.

  • Enables the expression and portrayal of people’s life stories
  • Focuses on the process of giving participants the tools to create their own videos
  • Engages and involves the community
  • Expands the knowledge of the different cultures, experiences, and backgrounds of the people it serves

Participants write a script, narrate, design, and direct a short story that, at around 2–5 minutes long each, serves as a window into their lives and experiences.

The aim is to inspire those sharing the same struggles. The stories themselves are short vignettes, which make use of photographs, digital video, voice narrative, poetry, and music to encapsulate personal, sometimes poignant but always positive, messages.

Workshops are currently a partnership between CL&D and Free Geek Toronto ( Free Geek Toronto is a community-based organization focused on digital inclusion through the reuse of unwanted electronics. Our goal is to help increase access to technology for everyone.

Digital Storytelling 2019: The Stories

To learn more, contact:

Karen Villanueva
(647) 493-2462 ext 114