Learn Spanish & Reload your Energy Curriculum Outline


Topic Components


1 Welcome Interpersonal Relationships Students recognize the Centre and the Spanish Proposal methodology.

Participant is able to introduce him/herself and others:
Soy _____(name)
Soy _____(país)
Soy _____(naacionalidad)

Spelling /Verb To be
Canción: Yo me llamo, Eres tú

2 Routines to Learn Spanish Verbs (Bailar, Cantar, Hablar) Participant must articulate a minimum of five activities of their daily routine that help to improve the learning of Spanish.

He/she has to conjugate three verbs (endings: ar, er, ir). Canción: En la clase de español.

3 Adjectives – Descriptions of People, Weather Conditions, and Things Participant is able to recognize ten adjectives at least to describe people, weather and things.

Verb: To have

Canción: La camisa rayaa
María Isabel
Lluvia con nieve
Un verano en Nueva York

4 Food Participant is able to recognize vocabulary related to restaurants and talk about his/her favorite food.
5 Spanish in Toronto & Everywhere Participant is able to locate ten countries at least where people speak Spanish and five activities to practice Spanish in Toronto

Canción: Los reyes del mundo

6 Presentations Participant is able to integrate knowledge and creativity to perform five communicative tasks.